Roasted Tomato Cacao Sauce Over Penne

Or…inspiration for vegan butter chicken. But back to the original for now! This gem from The Plantpower Way shines with the addition of cacao nibs…an admitted first for me. Prep starts with blackened cherry tomatoes. 

And continues with a high speed blender, basil, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, and sun-dried tomatoes…and a few other essentials…see book p. 212. 

Couldn’t be much easier…sauce is piping hot from the blackened tomatoes, and it can be poured over pasta and tossed to combine. 

This dish garnered thumbs up from me and “okay” from my son. It may appeal more to the adult palate. The interesting thing…and maybe more interesting than the original, is that this sauce reminds me of butter chicken tomato cream sauce. I’m not crazy about pasta in general (sad but true), and I can see this with some browned tofu or even mushrooms over rice. A bit of naan bread on the side….yum! If you go that route, fill me in. 


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