Disappearing tofu

Really, this is a feature for breaded, fried, and softly spiced tofu. But considering the fact that my son wanted to eat it all in one sitting, disappearing tofu seems to be more appropriate.

The truth is, I use tofu sparingly because of my thyroid condition and what seems to be mixed reviews for using tofu in that situation. This recipe justifies the exception.

The original version is here:

I stuck to the original version with the exception of using quinoa flour rather than all purpose flour, and I used coconut oil rather than vegetable oil.

Don’t skip the step of pressing the tofu to get the liquid out. This is important to have the right consistency after breading and frying.

Yes, the tofu is in between the plates, sandwiched between paper towel. There is a tool for this purpose, but I don’t own it. If you read this blog, you know I’m not deterred by such things.

Cut the pressed tofu into strips, and marinate as directed in the recipe.

Mix the ingredients for the breading, and roll the drained and slightly pressed strips in the breading mix.

Be generous and make sure the tofu has a good coating. Fry until crisp and browned on all sides, and add more oil if you need it.

You can serve this with any side vegetable that you’d like, but I happen to have colored peppers and made a very simple sauce with cornstarch, water, ginger, Sriracha, Tamari, and a bit of honey. I even used the same pan while the tofu was draining on paper towel, because I don’t like to create extra dishes to wash! Cooking is fun, dishes not as much. But it was definitely fun watching a seventh-grade boy ask for more tofu.

Try it and let me know what you think!