Some like it hot!


And so do I, apparently! A friend of mine forwarded this recipe to me with the correct assumption that it would be “my kind of thing.”  Indeed…kale, sweet potato, white beans, curry, coconut milk…what’s not to like?  Lunch for a week paired with jasmine rice…(well, three days with two freezer lunches), and a nutritional powerhouse.

So what’s the problem?  None, if your tastes lean to the mild side. I started with the recommended amount of curry, added to the sweet potatoes.


The recipe calls for chopped kale, but I happened to have baby kale on hand, so I threw it in as is. (Am I the only one who over-estimates how many greens I can fit into a green smoothie…and how many green smoothies I can consume?  Let’s just say I needed to use that kale.)


The problem came during the taste test.  The foundation was there for a great meal…a variety of fresh ingredients, pleasing color for the eye, and coconut milk (come on).  But it didn’t pack a punch…that is…until I doubled the curry, added salt and pepper, and added red pepper flakes.  That brought the heat up to a noticeable level, but it needed a balancing element.  Bring on the agave nectar!  Personal preference, but I think that a spicy coconut base comes into its own with a bit of sweetness.  A tablespoon was all it took, but the difference was amazing.  Give it a try, and if you agree, please leave a comment.  I would love to hear about your adventures on the vegan journey!


Feta keeps me in the rookie league

But I am so very close… Check out this spaghetti squash Caprese bake courtesy of Pink Troll Kitchen on Pinterest.  The foreground features the nearly vegan version, and the original vegetarian (and gluten free) version shines on the back burner. (Punny, eh?)

My son will enjoy the mozzarella… 

While I’ll stick with nutritional yeast and yes…a tablespoon of feta on top. 

Feta may prevent me from going 100% vegan, but perhaps my resolve will be stronger some sunny weekday in the future. As it is on this dreary, soggy, Friday evening…I will give in to a tablespoon of Feta bliss. In truth, the two tablespoons of nutritional yeast (one in the mix, one on top) give this enough cheesy flavor to make any vegan happy. As a full batch, I’d probably mix in 4-5 tablespoons. Experiment…

The other kicker… It’s squash! Squash that actually tastes like something sinfully Italian. This one will stay on the short list, with or without the feta. And with the smell of basil and the warmth of the oven filling my kitchen, let it rain.