About Me

For now, I’ll write the short and to the point version.  In 2005 I developed a series of chronic sinus infections that left me running on treadmill between my primary physician, allergist, and ENT.  After two years of nearly continuous antibiotics, I found a naturopathic physician who urged me to make some drastic dietary changes.  At least they seemed drastic at the time, but I didn’t care — I wanted to feel better.  I eliminated all wheat and dairy and started a course of probiotics.  Within two months I had dropped nearly 20 lbs., and never felt better in my life.

Since then, I’ve realized that my diet is inseparably and vitally connected to my quality of life.  I’m concerned about what’s in my food and where it comes from, and that’s priority one.  I’ve also recently watched Forks Over Knives, and was moved by the content.  While I’m not a vegan yet, the documentary was compelling.  Compelling enough to make me seek out plant-based foods and recipes and try to make them the primary component of my diet.

Beyond that, I’m picky, demanding, and I think that food should taste really good.   If I’m going to be a vegan — or nearly a vegan, I’m going to choose to eat the best of the best.  If it doesn’t meet my cut, you won’t find it on this site.

Are you on a similar journey?  Share your story!  I’d love to find out how you are making choices to improve your life day by day.


–Linda Miller



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