SO Delicious? Oh no, it isn’t!

In the spirit of keeping it real on the vegan journey, I need to vent for a moment about non-dairy creamers. SO Delicious just isn’t. Barely better than black coffee. Then there’s Califia, which looks sexy but doesn’t deliver. 

(This photo courtesy of Google Images.)

Even worse! Equivalent to black coffee with a hint of sugar…which doesn’t make it better, because I would never add sugar to coffee. (Yep, I’m odd that way.)

CoffeeMate tastes better (really), but the oil and chemical quotient make it a non-contender. 

I’m about to convert to being a black-coffee drinker, because I don’t like poor substitutes. I suppose that’s a testament to some of the recipes, because if it isn’t palatable, I’m not interested. 

If you know of a true contender in the creamer race, please post it in the comments. Requirements:

  • Gives coffee better than a hint of color
  • Isn’t sweet
  • Contains mostly natural ingredients 
  • Isn’t primarily oil-based

Go! And thank you…


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