Smart choices when time and energy fail

Sometimes, professional and family life take the energy that’s available and there’s just nothing left. When that happens to me, I care less about variety and more about dependability in my diet. I don’t want to think about whether I’ll have a healthy lunch the next day or what I will have. I just want to know that the healthy lunch is there. I don’t know about your hunger patterns, but I am hungriest at lunchtime, and usually before what normal people consider lunchtime. If I don’t have something healthy available for lunch, I will be most tempted to blow it in a big way. Today’s post addresses that issue. I need lunch for the next four days, and I don’t care that it will be the same lunch. I’m just happy to have lunch. If I really cared about variety, I would freeze half of these lunches and swap in variety. This week, I am supremely grateful to have lunches ready and planned.  

Yes, there are only four. Clearly, I didn’t plan so well for today, but boy, do I have it covered for the rest of the week!

These are variations on rice bowls from The Plantpower Way. Today, the base is short grain brown rice. 

The next layer includes baby Bella mushrooms, dinosaur kale, and microwaved sweet potato. We could start an argument over microwaving the potato, but let’s skip it for today.


  The top layer includes aduki beans… a first for me, and Asian dressing from the book. Why Asian dressing? Just because I wanted to try it out and I had the ingredients. I could’ve just as easily topped it off with some tamari or lemon juice.
 The joy? Knowing that I will have a healthy lunch for the remainder of the week and not having to think about it at all.

Best wishes in your healthy eating journey this week and beyond!


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