Feta keeps me in the rookie league

But I am so very close… Check out this spaghetti squash Caprese bake courtesy of Pink Troll Kitchen on Pinterest.  The foreground features the nearly vegan version, and the original vegetarian (and gluten free) version shines on the back burner. (Punny, eh?)

My son will enjoy the mozzarella… 

While I’ll stick with nutritional yeast and yes…a tablespoon of feta on top. 

Feta may prevent me from going 100% vegan, but perhaps my resolve will be stronger some sunny weekday in the future. As it is on this dreary, soggy, Friday evening…I will give in to a tablespoon of Feta bliss. In truth, the two tablespoons of nutritional yeast (one in the mix, one on top) give this enough cheesy flavor to make any vegan happy. As a full batch, I’d probably mix in 4-5 tablespoons. Experiment…

The other kicker… It’s squash! Squash that actually tastes like something sinfully Italian. This one will stay on the short list, with or without the feta. And with the smell of basil and the warmth of the oven filling my kitchen, let it rain.