Happiness is…a savory cauliflower white sauce 

 A warm puppy helps too, but for now we’ll focus on food. First, a shout out to Nicole Erikson (http://healthandfitnessforthewin.com) for sparking this idea. Nicole shared a link for vegan lasagne and issued a friendly challenge to try it. The cauliflower white sauce intrigued me more than the lasagne itself for two reasons. First, I’m one of those oddballs who doesn’t love layered foods…unless it’s seven layer dip, then get out of my way. Second, I limit pasta, even gluten free, and shaved zucchini just doesn’t motivate me. That white sauce though…the wheels were turning about the one bowls…posted earlier. 

One bowls need a sauce. If you’re easy to please, lemon juice or tamari may do. My preferred sauce would be cashew cheese, but dang. When a girl wants to drop a few pounds, cashew cheese isn’t ideal either. Enter the cauliflower sauce, which as it turns out, is amazing! Nicole’s post was here.  I skipped over the lasagne and went to the sauce. 

Bowl before:

And after:

Oh yeah! (Yes…packaged for lunch at work. This time with a bit of toasted millet hiding at the bottom.)

The possibilities may be endless for this sauce, but this week it will satisfy me at lunchtime and make me feel like I’m getting away with something.